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The Group Governance structure consists of two committees which monitor and review the actions and policies of the Board. 

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee meets at least four times a year and is responsible for ensuring that the financial performance of the Group is properly reported and monitored and for meeting the auditor and reviewing their reports in relation to the financial statements and internal control systems. 

The Group’s auditor provides some non-audit services, but these are not considered to threaten their independence. The committee reviews the level of non-audit fees on an annual basis. The Audit Committee meetings are also attended by invitation by representatives of the Group’s auditor, the Group Finance Director and the Chief Executive. 

Remuneration Committee

The principal functions of the committee are to determine the Group’s policy on the remuneration of Executive Directors and to determine the remuneration package of each Executive Director. The committee also determines long term incentive plans and the allocation of share options to the Executive Directors and other employees. The Remuneration Committee meetings are also attended by invitation by the Chief Executive and the Group Finance Director. 

The Directors comply with Rule 21 of the AIM Rules relating to Directors’ dealings and take all reasonable steps to ensure compliance by the Company’s applicable employees. The Company has adopted and operates a share dealing code for Directors and employees in accordance with the AIM Rules.