Beach front development

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  2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
Open market unit sales 188  147 248 114 55  
Contracting equivalent units 37  21 39 48 -  
Land plot sales 780  425 440 169 451  
Land bank plots 6,936  6,681 5,176 3,734 2,306  
Revenue £90.7m  £101.9m £114.2m £58.9m £31.1m  
Profit before tax  £19.6m £33.7m** £34.0m £9.6m £5.2m  
Profit before tax excluding investment property revaluations £18.1m £14.9 £19.5m £9.6m £5.2m  
Basic earnings per share 7.82p 14.01p** 14.67p 3.46p 1.98p  
Diluted earnings per share 7.46p  13.38p** 14.20p 2.70p 1.97p  
Dividend per share 1.7p  1.30p 1.00p 0.60p 0.27p  
Adjusted EPRA net assets per share 96.22p  92.34p** 43.92p* 29.63p* 28.0p*  
Shareholders' funds £130.6m  £116.3m** £88.8m £64.0m £57.7m  
Cash balance £26.5m  £16.7m £21.4m £11.1m £12.2m  
Net borrowings £68.0m  £54.6m £34.9m £28.8m £3.9m  

* The Group adopted the performance measures of the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) from December 2015, therefore prior year comparatives consist of net asset value only, without the uplift of the underlying asset value.
**Restated figures - further information can be found in note 29 to the accounts.