Competitive landscape

  • Inland Homes has positioned itself typically at the first and second time buyer end of the housing market where demand is very strong and has been largely unaffected by recent changes in Stamp Duty Land Tax.
  • Our land bank is predominantly in the South and South East of England where demand for housing is the strongest. We promote substantial sites through the planning process and obtain planning consents that would suit housebuilders to commence on site shortly after acquiring it.
  • Demand for housing in our areas of operation significantly outstrips supply and has resulted in house price inflation, although we are seeing signs that this is slowing.

Key differentiators of Inland Homes

  • Our land is predominantly in the South and South East of England where there is continued strong demand from private housebuilders and Registered Providers of affordable homes.
  • Inland Homes has a clear and agile business model giving us the flexibility to realise value in the land bank through consented plot sales, sales to Registered Providers, housebuilding or rental income from investment property.
  • Our highly experienced management and specialist development teams have worked together for a long time, enabling the successful identification, securing of suitable land and maximising each project’s potential. Our planning team, which has over 50 years combined experience, has a long track record of securing planning permissions across all our sites.

For more information about our marketplace, have a look at our Annual Report.